Photos by Pete Navey
Shoes Thakoon, Skirt Zara, T-shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs, Necklace from Venice, Bracelet Hermes, (gifted) Clutch Wanderlust + Co, and Blackberry customised by me with some help from Crystal Skins (the design is based on one of my fav T-shirts by Luella).
Ok so this is my moment to admit I cheat sometimes.
I know it’s wrong and our parents told us not to, but sometimes I just cant help myself.
The moment presents itself… and away I go!
So my most recent cheat confessions read as follows…
  1. Pete and me were the DJ’s for an event recently, and I really liked the outfit I wore… only I forgot to take a picture, so I have cheated and re-created it here.
  2. Pete and me were working on a studio shoot and the backdrop and lighting was all set up so I just thought this might be a really amazing time to take some different outfit shots with a studio set up, so I cheated and the results are here.
  3. There will be a few more to follow, so although I have worn these outfits recently I did not shoot them on the day I wore them. I cheated.
There I said it! I cheated, I cheated, I CHEATED!!!
On another note… this is my new fab clutch from WanderLust + Co. Bling Bling.  I love their jewellery they are such a great little find.  All my friends have been trying to steal the great pieces I have from them.  I will post on them soon.  Have a look at their stuff HERE!
I am pretty obsessed with these Thakoon boots too, my mother gave them to me as a present for all my hard work detoxing.  Although I have the impression they are falling into the ManRepeller category since a male recently told me that they make me look short legged and fat.  Whatevs I think they are amazings!!!  I hope you all agree.

Monday, December 12, 2011

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  • Michelle Lee says:

    omg i thoughtit was like bulgari or something :)
    love that clutch so much!
    i mean the entire look


  • You look so great!!!!!!! This skirt is perfect on you…and I fell in love with your clutch!


  • Love this look! Love the combo of dressed up sequins and casual tees!


  • great outfit! i love the skirt and you look gorgeous xo

  • jin says:

    that clutch is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

  • albaxj says:

    You are such a delightful inspiration in fashion! I see you’ve bought both colours of the sequin skirts from Zara, more disco ball fun! Pairing a cotton tee with a sequin dress is such a fun surprise!

  • Melinda says:

    The boots are amazing!
    And don’t even get me started on how beautiful that clutch is.


  • Flora says:

    I love your shoes more than life itself

  • OK Possibly best outfit OF THE YEAR!!!! So hot, love the boots and the sequinned skirt, total inspo xxx


  • Peony says:

    Michelle Lee – Its just a click away! hahaha

    Giuliac – It is very special.

    SippingGreenTea – Me too, I also love green tea!

    albaxj – I am a big believer in the idea that if you find something for a reasonable price, and you know you like it a lot, buy two!

    Flora – Dont say that! You can buy the shoes! Honest! hahaha

    Thanks everyone! I think this outfit is so simple, but I really enjoy wearing it. Although people

  • Beautiful Peony. Love the blue sequin skirt! xx