On the day of the Royal Wedding I hosted a brunch for all my best gfs to come over and watch, eat and drink together. 
I loved the Royal Wedding, much to my surprise. I had tears in my eyes – probably because we had been drinking since 9am, but whatever it was emotional and about love. 
I loved all the pomp and ceremony, england really does get that bit spot on, plus I was so happy that Sarah Burton did the dress, no one else would have satisfied me! I also loved Pippa’s dress (I mean the buttons down the back were amazing!), she looked fabulous, and I thought it really showed the love between the girls that Kate was happy and wanted Pippa to look so amazing on her big day. 
The food I cooked included mini smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, mini croque monsieur, and strawberry and raspberry champagne cocktails.

Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • s says:

    Yumm yummy… ;)
    nice post ;D

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  • hannah-rose says:

    such a fun day – it was night time in Aus so perfect to crack open the champagne. We had mini shepherds pies, royal cupcakes and pimms. Celebrating englishness.


  • Le Fanciulle says:

    I loved the wedding, it was so romantic!!! Living fairytale :)
    That food looks absolutely deliiicious!

    xx S

  • Peony says:

    @s and @Meisha.Style – Thanks, it was too yummy! haha

    @hannah-rose – Love the idea of your late nights viewing.

    @PiruletadeGato – It was fabulous!

    @Le Fanciulle – It was a living fantasy. Beyond perfect.

  • Hi

    love your blog! Would you mind posting the recipes for the champagne drink and the food item pictured below the champagne drink? they all look so yummy!