I realised recently that I’ve got into the habit of posting quite formal looks. I’m not sure when it started but it does seem to have become a theme. I was worried that perhaps that wasn’t a very rounded view of what I wear. So I recently asked you if you’d like to see more casual looks, the reply was yes, so from now on I will try and post a casual look every now and then.

I wanted the photos of these more casual posts to look different from my more creative formal outfit posts, so I have decided to shoot them in a totally different way. They will all be photographed in this very simple and clean style. Against a plain backdrop; front, side, back and details. That’s it. Hopefully you will enjoy this new element to my content. Like a fresh mint tea after a rich meal!

I wanted to start the series with something I’m really excited about, it’s been a year in the making but finally I have my first sample. The Peony Lim Duffle Coat.

It will be going on sale in my shop next year and I hope you will love it too.


Boots from a small artisan shoe maker in Venice, Skirt Zara, Tights Falke, Jumper Iris and Ink, Hat Zara, Bag Chanel and Coat Peony Lim.


Photos by Kit Lee. 


Get the look…

Friday, December 13, 2013

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  • Carly says:

    It is gorgeous, I would definitely add that coat to my wardrobe with pride! X

  • Nope, prefer your inspired, somewhat fantasy dressing! Congrats on the coat.

    ELL x