So I had no idea what I really sounded like, apparently a teenage private school boy is exactly what I sound like. I now know I have the most unfeminine voice in the world.  Its not even low and sexy, its low and toffee. 
Anyways other than the awful voice, strange nervous eye-darting – I am not very good on film ok?!!! – have a look at the Net-a-Porter TV video of ‘What’s on your SS11 wish list?’.
I managed to slip in with some serious fashion power-houses… no idea how! I am delighted to be the only blogger though, even if I sound like a fool. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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  • R A says:

    Not bad at all. I think you look cute and speak well. So don’t you worry.

  • Benedetta says:

    You’re fine and cool don’t worry!
    Tilda has a good sense of humour!



  • Peony says:

    @R A – Thank you, you are making me feel much better!

    @il etait une fois… – Thank you for the support!

    @Cristina – Cooler if I sounded like a woman. hahahaa

    @Benedetta – Isn’t Tilda hilarious… I was like I wish I had thought of that! Very quick witted.

  • Mandy says:

    No, you sound absolutely as gorgeous as you dress! I am completely partial to the British accent. ;) I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I think it just perfection.

    Much love, xoxox