These are a yummy treat for the bank holiday weekend. Elderflower cupcakes are so yummy with raspberries or blackberries on the top. The sponge is elderflower flavour and the frosting is mascarpone and elderflower.  I based these loosely on a recipe from Waitrose. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend eating too much with family and friends!

Monday, August 29, 2011

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  • Meisha.Style says:

    how adorable! and look just delicious!

  • Wish I could make such an adorable set of cupcakes. Love!

    Movimento Moda

  • modHello! says:

    These sweets are amazing!!
    I want them!! :) ))
    kisses, gaia


  • frances says:

    will it work the same if i make cupcakes and haphazardly pour elderflower cordial into the mixture? or buy cake and pour cordial on it? I want these but I am very lazy. x

  • Peony says:

    Sara Alves Corceiro – I am sure you could… try the recipe!

    Anon – Thanks! I will have to have a little lookie!

    Thanks everyone, they were yummy, definitely making them again!