I love Falafel.
I think it is the yummiest vegetarian thing you can eat.
Hot, herby and fried.
This recipe is based on one I found on FoodGawker from a blog called Just a Taste… HERE!
I adapted it, inspired by the wonderful and yet unbeaten Falafel King, based on Portobello Road (amongst other places).
I used a bit more herbs, as you can tell from the colour of the mix, and I used a mini ice-cream scoop to shape the mix, however a melon baller would work just as well, the key it to make sure they are tightly packed otherwise the air pockets will open in the fryer making a big mess.
I also made a salad to go in the warm pitta.
I love the salad they stuff in at Falafel King, so I made my own version… using flat leaf parsley, tomatoes, cucumber with some white balsamic vinegar, nut oil, sugar and lots of salt and pepper.
This works just as well as a canape with the sauce as a dip.  So make some this festive season!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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  • I am not even a vegetarian but these are just so delicious! I had them in Barcelona this summer and fell in love!


  • beckymonster says:

    I love falafel and piling on the toppings at the fillings bar..I love adding grilled eggplant if I can too :)


  • Duck says:

    I do love falafel but I’ve never been able to make a dip or sauce that goes particularly well with them. The fact that I try to avoid dairy makes it even harder to get right….

  • Anonymous says:

    I recognise those bowls, I wonder why?
    The Godfather

  • Peony says:

    Becky – Great idea!

    Duck – Hum, you know you cant go wrong with some good hummus or green chilli pepper sauce.