One of the simplest nail/art thingies to do is the half moon.  
Thats because you can get away with a bit of mistakieness and you only need normal nail varnish… the brushes in the nail varnish pots are fine, no extra batteries required!

Step 1. base coat obvi…

Step 2. Neatly paint the first colour on to the top section of the nail, but don’t worry about the bottom bit being neat.  It only matters that it is neat around the top/cuticle area. 

Step 3. Then take you second colour and paint it across the rest of the nail first dotting the colour around the first colour to create a half moon shape.  Double coat the second colour to get a neater effect and a better colour density, it will also help to cover the first colour that will be beneath at the top. 

Step 4. Topcoat and your done!!! Now how easy was that?!
Oh also a big shout out to my fab baby cousin who sat over the holidays being my hand dummy so I could take these pictures. Miss Fox - great name right?! – you rock… BIG THANK YOU!!! xxx

Friday, January 7, 2011

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  • Roxy Te says:

    My nails are always painted…half moons..up next!! Just love the subtle flair :)

  • hesser says:

    I love this look…I use paper reinforcements to get that perfect half moon shape :)


  • Ajda says:

    the idea is nice, but… wow … you are really bad at putting nail polish on , need to practice to get a nicer finish

  • Peony says:

    @ Roxy Te – Let me know how you get on!

    @ Hesser – Thats such a good idea, I wanted to keep it simple for people to try at home with what they have but fab inspiration. You can also get these sticker glitter etc nail tips, that if you use them to the top of your nail gives you a perfect half moon!

    @ajda – Sorry you feel like that, I will be posting another how to on leopard nails so I hope you prefer that.

  • Ajda says:

    I guess I am a little OCD and I want lines to be perfect :P
    ps You are cute

  • amyC says:

    OOOOHH! i love how easy that is :D I have another version, call it the light one? Plain manicure nailpolish as the bottom coat, and THEN in the half moon, just dip into a bit of gold sparkles and dot. It’s super gorgeous and good for wobbly hands like mine :)

    bisous bisous peony – love your blog