These are the yummiest mini cupcakes I have made in a while.  They are Chocolate with Marshmallow icing and chocolate flakes. 
I made the frosting with FLUFF, which you add a little milk to (I mean nearly nothing or it makes it soooo wet).  


You can recreate this recipe using this Chocolate Cake mix (minus the Blackberries) and this frosting recipe.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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  • Roxy Te says:

    oh yummm…i need one right now with my coffee :)

  • GOOOORGEOUS cupcakes! Nothing like a good bit of gastroporn before dinner :)

  • oh god lord these look insane :)
    I have just discovered your blog and its a gold mine of great ideas and amazing pictures, nice work :)


  • Peony says:

    @ Benedetta – I know they were! hahahaa

    @Roxy Te – I love cake and tea… its such a happy childhood thing.

    @AmyC – hahahaaaa gastroporn! Love it! New word for the day for me!

    @The Fashion cloud – Thanks! I hope you keep enjoying it.