So Willy is my Best FRIEND! - Yes I am still tragic enough to say that beyond the age of 12.
He is a massive loser like me, but unlike me he is also awesomely cool, which is the most fabulous combination.
He is one of those annoyingly cool people who is good at everything he has ever tried to do, it must be to do with his over achieving family.
We always joke that he is more woman than me and I am more man than him, which is pretty impressive since I have waist length hair and he is is 6″4!
Anyways I thought I would share his fabulousness with the world.
He made this bloggie look all cute after I sent him the illustration with a note saying… MAKE IT HAPPEN! He then returned my computer, blog finished with this as my new backscreen…
And yes, he did add the wings to the kitten himself.
Gotta Love a bit of Willy! – What a hilarious sentence!
I have since sent Willy his very own…
and p.s the little puppy is my family dog when he was little! Cute huh?!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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  • *sunday* says:

    best friends are the best! it’s a shame mine is all the way in Australia! that sausage dog is soo cute.

    p.s. check your email already!