I wanted to start 2014 with one of my favourite looks from this winter. I have worn this outfit loads (don’t tell anyone!). It’s so easy to throw on and it looks great with black tights and flat chelsea boots too. It’s definitely the best outfit I have bought this season. I don’t normally go in for a total look from a brand, so this is an exception really.


I have recently had a big clear out of my closet, which you can imagine is a major heart renching project. Anyway I’m finally ready to let all those pieces go (many of which you will have see on this site). I realise that as I get older (every 5 years or so), I like to have a total reassessment of what’s in my closet. I address what’s no longer a suitable look at my age and tune my closet to fit the aesthetic I have developed into. The funny thing is, this time I feel like I have actually reverted to my taste of about 5 years ago. I think in the last few years I have worn a lot of colour and print which I’m no longer as interested in (although there is alway the exception that proves the rule!). I’m moving back to my more classic pieces and colours again.


I want to sell my pieces for charity, and I really wanted to get your opinion on how you would like to see me do that.

I have a large amount so I don’t think its realistic to attempt to load everything up onto my online store. I have already donated all the highstreet pieces to a charity that is against landfill and organises clothing swaps, the remaining pieces are vintage, designer and premium highstreet (things like this leopard sequin dress, this evening dress and this pink dress).

So would you like me to donate it to one charity shop in London which I would give the address of?

Or… try and organise a sale one weekend?

Or… do you have any other suggestions?

I would love to hear your thoughts!



Boots Nicholas Kirkwood, Skirt and Jumper Vanessa Bruno and Bag Emm Kuo.


Photos by Kit Lee.


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Friday, January 3, 2014

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  • Diana says:

    You could do an auction like at the end of Confessions of a shopaholic, and then give all the money to charity.
    I think organising a sale on weekends would be great, because you’d get to know your readers as well as selling your clothes for a good cause. :)
    What ever you do I’m sure people would love to take part.

  • C says:

    A charity shop would be nice as that means your fans can drop by whenever to purchase something and it all goes to a good cause! :)

  • dana says:

    wow – gorgeous look. I absolutely absolutely love all the navy and those boots are so amazing!

    xx Dana


  • K says:

    for your fans abroad, I’d love it if you put them in your own ebay shop!

  • Adele says:

    The things I love most about this look are the colourblocking & the skirt – gorgeous eyelet fastening.
    I love the idea of a weekend sale – think it would be great fun for you & it’s so great that you’ll be giving the proceeds to charity.
    Have a fabulous weekend Peony xoxo

  • Katie says:

    Selfishly agree that your fans abroad would LOVE to buy some of your beautiful pieces from an eBay shop!!

  • Nice classic colours you’re never going to regret! Sounds like half and half is a good idea, eBay for your international readers and charity shop for Londoners?

    Bonne année!

    ELL x