These are some of my favourite plaits from catwalk looks. 
I think plaits look great whether you have long or short hair, and now you can get fantastic hair pieces in all different colours, pre-plaited which are sooo easy - even for those of us who are not super doper finger flexible - to use and add to a bun or just as a hair band.
I really like the ones they sell on ASOS by Hersheson… see HERE! and Harrods does great ones by Vicki Ullah which have a mix of colours like real hair.. see HERE!

Friday, February 4, 2011

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  • Benedetta says:

    I love plait as well! I used to do it almost everyday before I cut my hair into a bob!


  • Camille says:

    i love braids, i just wish i was skilled at creating them on myself!

    i’ve been following Michelle Bobb-Parris’ blog and landed here after she suggested your blog (after many gorgeous photos of you). it’s refreshing to land on a fashionista’s page that is clean, unpretentious, elegant and interesting. lovely!