Photos by Me
I did a post on my wardrobe before. So I thought I would do one on my house this time.
So this is a sprinkle of things in my house. Hope you like it.
  1. My red telephone
  2. A section of the floor to ceiling pin board in my room.
  3. A mug my mother had made for me about my cat. RIP Pussy.  We miss you.
  4. Some of my black shoes.
  5. The decoration above my tv.
  6. Some more shoes.
  7. The water fern that hangs above my computer.
  8. My new super tidy costume jewellery storage.
  9. The Jeans.
  10. The pillow on my bed.  Made by a great charity. Check Fine Cell Work out.
  11. Good Smells.
  12. How I store my belts.
  13. Some of my fashion books.
  14. Stuff on my desk.
  15. Some magazines.
  16. My Moths and Butterflies.
  17. A postcard work of art I bought my brother from the Royal College of Art Secret Postcard Sale.
  18. Lavender hanging pots.
  19. The clock in my kitchen.
  20. My brothers Twit mug.
  21. Jumbo Jasmin Diptyque candle.

Monday, June 18, 2012

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  • Tinacious Me says:

    love the inside peak! you have so many neat items!

  • Rachel says:

    Where are those lovely clear jewellery organisers from? They are so nice! x


  • Sparkle says:

    omg your place looks sooo cool! i want to live there :) lol


  • Martina says:

    looks very stylish, just like you <3

  • Oh my god your shoes!! And your jewellery!! So jealous!


  • Liana Wibowo says:

    oh my god!! i heart all the shoes that you have they look amazing! and the perfume, accessories! lovely stuffs you got!


  • This does not make it any easier for me to figure out what to buy you for your birthday! xxx

  • Anonymous says:

    please where did you get the clear jewelry storage???? thanks

  • gorgeous post, your home is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  • Annabelle says:

    I’m jealous of the mannequin of belts! My belt storage is not nearly that good-looking.

  • Beautiful post! I am jealous of your perfume collection!


  • Sóley says:

    Love personal stuff like this and your place looks amazing. Classy and creative at the same time.

    we are purple

  • Candace says:

    Loved all of the beautiful images. what got me the most though was that dress form with all of the belts – Love that idea!

  • I am also curious about where you got your new super tidy costume jewellery storage from! Great apartment. Emma Louise Layla Xx

  • Anonymous says:

    in the image of black shoes, what are those two gold thingies?

  • cecylia says:

    Darling lady I have that exact same bug necklace (from Topshop?), it was a gift from a friend. AND that’s how I store my belts! On a headless/armless mannequin!! :)

  • Elizabeth says:

    1. In love with the Choo (?) sandals
    2. Your book collection is truly enviable!
    Beautiful home.