Photos by Pete Navey
1. Flip flops Accessorize, Jeans Zara from DIY post, Shirt Vintage, Fringe Top Topshop, Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs.
2. Shoes Jimmy Choo (a steal from a second-hand store), Dress from ERIIN, Necklace and Studded Hairband  (Available from my store.)

Seoul was a delight.  We had so much fun running around the night markets till the early hours (luckily the time difference worked with us!) soaking up the atmosphere. The backstreets were the most exciting, so winding and magic.  I saw so many Korean girls with the best style.  It was a very utility look but it worked so well, loads of the girls wore really colourful trainers (Nike and New Balance) with trench coats.  I loved it on them.
I had to wear this amazing dress from ERIIN while I was there.  It was so windy and the gathering made me feel like I was about to fly. So pretty and floaty.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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  • hiiiii wish i was there with you guys. you look boom ting. xxxx

    P.S. I vote less photos of you. More photos of teapots and Pete.

  • You`d been at my hometown!
    Maybe you have more pics of Seoul, I would like to enjoy more ^_^

  • Kit says:

    I loved Seoul, I’m hoping to visit there again this autumn when I go back to HK.

  • Lela says:

    You look incredible.

    Ugh, I’m dying to go to Seoul <3

    Fashion Blog – Lela London

  • Bri says:

    Lovely photos!
    I really hope to go to Seoul someday.
    And that studded headband is the perfect quirky, yet fierce piece!

  • j says:

    my hubs and i would like to make a pilgrimage back to seoul one of these days. We were both born in the states, and it’s been more than 10 years since we’ve visited! i’m curious to see track pants and trench coats…

  • Miss Kwong says:

    i just came back from Korea too and I found very unique styles from the girls.
    your second outfit is soooo beautiful with that headband, while you first outfit is casually chic!

    Find me on:
    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  • Diana says:

    seems like them krn girls are exploring with style and fashion more and more. good thing that princess-look is out now ;p
    that dress looks great on you! the looks reminds me of the statue of liberty with the color of the dress and your spiked headband!
    and your lashes look fab! do you use anything in particular or are your lashes naturally long, thick and fluttery?


  • you visited seoul! i go there once a year and i would have to say the back streets and the night markets are the best!! loving that dress btw :)

  • Duck says:

    Love the fringing in the first photo!

  • love the first outfit!


  • Kelly Dillon says:

    great pictures! i love all your looks and your blog :)


  • Bridgid says:

    Awesome photos – would love to visit Seoul! Love your striped shirt too, very cute ;)

    B x

  • DK says:

    Ooo.. you wore flip flops! Did people stare?! I wore flip flops in seoul one time and they said- behind my back “she’s’ so brave” … haha.. Meh~ :)

    Love your first outfit.. casual and chic xx

    Di of allloveus.com

  • You are so cute! I love all the pictures! Miss Seoul now…

  • Vyara Davidov says:

    Peony, I love the Jimmy Choo black sandals.What collection are they from?