Sometimes we are on diets - those hateful things -, sometimes are friends are, sometimes we are feeling heavy, sometimes we just dont want a full Roast on a sunday. Whatever the reason, this is my suggestion for an alternative – not in the hemp way, so stop laughing - sunday lunch. 
Pea and Ham Soup with Mint oil
Find the Recipe for the Soup HERE!
I didn’t sieve mine because I like chunky soup. 
I also used fresh raw Peas to sprinkle on the top.
Garlic Roast Chicken Salad. 
Watercress, Rocket, Romaine lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, with a Sour-cream, Onion and Chive dressing.
Baked Plums with Cinnamon Sugar and Creme Fraiche.
Find the Plum Recipe HERE!
I added some Muscat before baking to give the plums a richer flavour and more moisture. I also cooked them at a lower heat for longer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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  • frances says:

    you put me to shame, I get overexcited when I manage a good salad dressing.

  • Peony says:

    Hahaaaa… whatever I know you can cook missy! x

  • I was also a messed doing my salad dressing. However, everyone loves the veggie salad and the pie dessert I made.

    beccles suffolk