So for all of those who were wondering… this is a Peony flower.  Aren’t they pretty?! 
Loads of people will already know this so for you I include these stunning paintings by my fab Mummy!!!
She does some botanical painting, and she painted these two for me.  They hang in my bedroom in big mirror frames and I love them. 
I hope you do too. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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  • susan says:

    peonies and orchids are my favorite flowers. i try to have them at home as much as possible. i find it quite therapeutic to watch them bloom one by one…so calming, soothing, and they always make me smile. and your mom’s botanicals are so beautiful. thank you for sharing. xoxo

  • Roxy Te says:

    how darling! A special and talented mother you have :) And I’m in full agreement with Susan- peonies and orchids, please!

  • cindie.c says:

    omg those paintings are amazing! :D

  • *sunday* says:

    wow those paintings are beautiful! white frames would look great


  • absolutely love them- they are beautiful. She is so talented. And I have to say peonies are my favorite. Almost changed my wedding date so I could have them. Decided to go with my other favorite…orchids!

  • Peony says:

    So glad you like Peonies too! They are fab. Beautiful for weddings.
    Mummy’s paintings are so special so I am so glad you love them too!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your mum peony painting are so pretty. I Love peonies flowers. They looks stunning! My finance just purcchased me a magnificient peonies painting :)