Photos by Pete Navey
, Dress Vintage, and Basket from the Market in Saint Tropez.
I was recently in the South of France staying near Saint Tropez, and being a shopoholic I couldn’t resist a visit to the mid-week market there. There was a wonderful array of vintage bags, panama hats and yummy food. This was the outfit I wore to the market that day.
The dress was a birthday present from my mother, and it literally fits like a glove, which is fabulous! I never normally wear green because my skin tone tends to look bad in it, but this dress has a beautiful mix of jade and blue, which I am mad about! I think the print is very Erdem.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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  • Clau Tavares says:

    Loved the dress. Are the shoes made of cork, or is it just my impression? Portugal has a huge cork industry and some years ago some portuguese brands started to do some cork bags and shoes. Just wondering if Louboutin tried it as well :)


  • Olya says:

    Beautiful dress and you!

  • Belinda says:

    the dress is gorgeous and the basket is very Jane Birkin style ;)

  • amyC says:

    So lovely! The dress does fit like a glove and love your hair as always.

  • Miss Kwong says:

    soooo classy and dreamy. it’s a really nice kind of green. love it!

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  • Meisha.Style says:

    beautiful dress! and the heels are just amazing!

  • MIRIAM says:

    Wonderful dres…I love the green color!!!


  • I love your blog and your pictures are amazing. In this posting, I love your shoes! Also, I want to tell you that you have really nice skin, share your beauty secrets :)

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  • Yonka says:

    You are so beautiful and your dress too adds a beauty punch to you the shoes are very pretty and complements you.The colour of the dress is so sweet and its flower print is awesome.

  • Peony says:

    Десислава Валентинова, Miss Kwong, Yonka and MIRIAM – The colour is perfection in real life. I am totally in love with it. The print still looks really modern even though it is so old.

    Belinda – I bought it there. I thought the two lengths of leather straps was really cute.

    amyC and GUILTY GLAM LOVE – Thank you! I am not sure that I have many but you can check these posts…